Is this the end of Nigel Farage?

Ukip has other leaders waiting in the wings if Nigel Farage fails to became an MP next month, one of the party’s top activists claimed on Sunday.

Diane James, who rose to prominence two years ago when she came second in a by-election in Eastleigh, dismissed suggestions that Ukip would be fatally damaged if Mr Farage stood down as leader, which he has said he will do if he fails to win South Thanet.

A ComRes poll commissioned by a Ukip donor showed Mr Farage a point behind the Conservatives and a point ahead of Labour, suggesting that the seat, won by the Conservatives in 2010, is now a three-way marginal, with Labour, and to a lesser extent the Conservatives, gaining support at Ukip’s expense.

The poll has been dismissed by Ukip, who point out that the figures include people not likely to vote. Mr Farage still leads the field among those certain to vote. He has an advantage in South Thanet by being better known, but the disadvantage that as a party leader he has to campaign around the country rather than concentrating on the seat

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