Is this the place that could hold the key to Scottish independence?

Jonathan Brown (edited@ev_bartlett
Wednesday 17 September 2014 10:00
Mill O'Mains estate, Dundee

The Scottish independence 'Yes' campaign are hoping low-income estates such as Dundee's Mill O'Mains could hold the key in their bid to win Thursday's referendum.

'Yes' campaigners have been focusing their efforts on neighbourhoods such as this, and they now believe it is paying off.

“The majority here will be voting Yes but you could say that about anywhere in Dundee,” said Mark Day, a 21-year-old social sciences student from the neighbouring Fintry estate.

'Yes' enjoys a 70:30 lead in Dundee - with huge 'Yes' signs erected on some of the city's main thoroughfares, there is little visibility of the Better Together cause - so much so that the east coast town has been dubbed Yes City.

Dundee has registered the highest levels of new voters anywhere in Scotland, up 7.7 per cent compared to a national average of 4 per cent.

Some have argued that the true lead among Yes voters could be higher than polls show because young people and those on benefits do not have landlines and are excluded from telephone polling.

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