Ivanka Trump joked that being president's daughter is ‘hardest job in the world'

Christof Stache/AFP and Twitter

Ivanka Trump raised eyebrows after she joked that being Donald Trump’s daughter is the "hardest job in the world".

Trump delivered a speech during the Gridiron dinner in Washington, a formal event attended by journalists and politicians.

According to The Washington Post, in the speech she joked:

The press seems to think it’s ironic that I, born of great privilege, think people want to work for what they are given.

As if being Donald Trump’s daughter isn’t the hardest job in the world.

It didn’t go down well.

Her comment comes after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez criticised the US president’s daughter for saying people don’t want a guaranteed minimum wage.

“I don’t think most Americans in their heart want to be given something,” she told Fox News.

She continued: “I’ve spent a lot of time travelling around this country over the last four years."

People want to work for what they get, so I think this idea of a guaranteed minimum is not something most people want. They want the ability to be able to secure a job. They want the ability to live in a country where there’s the potential for upward mobility.

AOC, who worked in a bar when she was younger, retorted: “As a person who actually worked for tips & hourly wages in my life, instead of having to learn about it 2nd hand, I can tell you that most people want to be paid enough to live.”

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