This might be an unpopular opinion but is it possible that Ivanka Trump is worse at Twitter than her Dad?

For instance, there was the time she changed her bio to say that she was a proponent of female empowerment, and everyone got angry.

Or when she admitted she was a fan of Korean pop music, which once again, upset everyone.

Most recently there was the Chinese proverb debacle, but her latest effort might be her worst to date as it is just plain ignorant.

On Wednesday evening, the 36-year-old thanked the President, her father, for ending a controversial policy, which he had begun in the first place.

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has now signed an executive order which will end the migrant family separation policy which has reportedly seen over 2,000 children taken from their families and placed into detainment centres.

The policy was part of the Trump administrations 'zero tolerance' approach to immigrants but has been heavily criticised in the past week after details of the conditions that children were being kept in were made public.

Either way, the fact that Ivanka chose to thank Donald for ending something that he decided to create himself was a little too much for some to stomach on social media.

HT Daily Dot

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