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Ivanka Trump just tried to put all us in our place but, in typical Twitter fashion, ended up getting laughed at.

Ahead of her father arriving in Singapore for an historic meeting with Kim Jong-un, Ivanka tweeted this sage-sounding and timely 'Chinese proverb':

Aw, how nice. Apart from one minor niggle: that is almost definitely not a Chinese proverb and was probably made up by Westerners, with a pseudo-Confucian version fabricated in 1962.

Social media was abuzz with people trying to work out where Ivanka's 'proverb' came from. Seemingly, some white guy's imagination.

An easy mistake to make we're sure, even if it takes three minutes to verify on Google and you're a White House employee with an account reaching millions.

Twitter proceeded to rip Ivanka apart. It wasn't hard.

Others referenced the Trump administration's alarming policy of separating families who seek asylum in the US by crossing the border illegally.

The president is reportedly considering erecting 'tent cities' at a military base in Texas to house unaccompanied migrant children.

Next time, perhaps Ivanka should remember this alternative ancient Chinese proverb: 'Those who tweet Chinese proverbs that doesn't exist, should delete their account'.

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