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The Trump's sure do love Twitter.

Donald is practically on the social media platform 24/7, and often tweets some strange and worrying things.

His son, Donald Trump Jr, isn't much better either.

In comparison, the President's daughter is a bit more restrained in her use of the micro blogging platform, but she isn't exactly a shining example.

Ivanka, who works as an aide to her father, shared an image on Friday of her reading fan letters that she had recently received.

Although she didn't specify who had sent the letters, or what they were actually thanking her for, it seemed like a fairly humble tweet. The wider Twitter community however, weren't pleased.

What followed was a torrential downpour of criticism, scepticism and mockery.

It started out with people doubting the legitimacy of the letters, pointing towards the dollar signs used in one drawing.

Then people started joking about who could have written some of them.

Some decided to poke fun at other viral news stories.

There were other people making some more important points.

Kal Penn even sent her the perfect letter that should definitely be shown to her father.

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