United States President Donald Trump tweeted to his nation on Monday, instructing them to switch channels.

Ivanka Trump was indeed on Fox and Friends, and was being questioned.

In that she was being tossed a load of softball fluff to appease the Trump fans, ensuring that Fox and Friends remains the President's favourite.

She was asked whether her job, into which she was parachuted, was harder than she thought.

Ivanka replied:

It is hard.

There is a level of viciousness that I was not expecting.

I was not expecting the intensity of this experience.

This is a bizarre answer.

She didn't expect the public to be angry about her installation into a key advisory role?

She didn't expect intensity in a senior role in the White House?

She didn't expect viciousness after her father ran a campaign based on pandering lies and bigotry?

She didn't expect viciousness when her father slashed healthcare for millions of Americans?

People pointed this out to her on Twitter:

Studies have found that the divisive rhetoric in United States politics has lead to increased social instability in the country.

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