Jake Paul won his boxing match against Ben Askren and people think it was ‘rigged’

Jake Paul won his boxing match against Ben Askren and people think it was ‘rigged’

YouTuber Jake Paul secured his latest boxing victory on Saturday after beating MMA star Ben Askren, but Twitter users have since accused the fight of being ‘rigged’.

Paul defeated Askren in the first round by way of technical knockout (TKO), in a bout which ended in just under a minute.

The vlogger now has a 3-0 professional record after beating Askren, fellow YouTuber AnEsonGib and former basketball player Nate Robinson.

“I just had a dream, and I chased it. I worked hard,” said Paul in a post-match interview.

In addition to the match itself, the event also boasted several musical performances, with Snoop Dogg, Justin Bieber, Doja Cat and Major Lazer among those who took to the stage throughout the evening.

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However, Paul’s latest match has left people suspicious, with several people taking to Twitter to claim that the fight, which took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, was “staged” or “rigged”:

Others, meanwhile, pointed out the fact that Paul is yet to fight a professional boxer in the ring:

There were also comments around future opponents for Paul:

Questions were also raised over Askren’s appearance after the fight, with one commenting that “he sure looks happy for someone who just got KO’d”:

According to LADBible, Askren reportedly made $500,000 (more than £361,000) from the fight, while Paul raked in $690,000 (almost £500,000).

In amongst all the fighting. however, some were more interested in Justin Bieber’s performance:

Paul’s latest win will only heighten anticipation for a match against fellow content creator KSI (real name Olajide Olatunji), who defeated his brother Logan in a fight in November 2019.

After Paul delivered a brutal knockout blow to Robinson last year, Olatunji tweeted: “I saw nothing special from Jake lol. Soon come.”

Paul has also repeatedly called out MMA fighter Conor McGregor for a match, but the American’s next contest is yet to be confirmed.

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