James O’Brien asks listeners which EU laws should be changed, the calls were something else

Darren Richman
Friday 07 February 2020 12:45

James O’Brien has asked listeners to his LBC show which EU laws should be dispensed with now the UK has left the EU and the callers had some remarkable suggestions.

Sajid Javid, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, wants the public to name which regulations could be removed to help improve lives so O’Brien felt it was wise to put the question to his listeners.

The Great British Public did not disappoint and O’Brien was treated to an array of baffling callers.

The first went on a rant about washing machine regulations and "the way they're written" before claiming the country needs “relevant protections for bats”. Yes, really.

A subsequent caller seemed to hope employees would have to work longer hours before one man suggested he’d like to say a return of the death penalty for people like Rose West (who he appeared to forget was already dead). Oh, and said caller believed the last hanging in this country occurred during Tony Blair’s premiership in the 1990s. (It was in 1964.)

The best was saved for last, however, with James from Newcastle’s call about the infamous bendy bananas, a claim that has been “rubbished from pillar to post for the last 20 years” according to the presenter.

Will the madness never end?

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