Jeremy Hunt might need to go to A+E after getting burned by this Labour MP

Jeremy Hunt is now Britain's longest-serving health secretary. It's unlikely, however, that he'll be the most-fondly remembered one.

Upon passing the 1,340 day record, set by Labour's Alan Milburn, and in the wake of a series of doctors' strikes and unrest in the NHS, Hunt faced his fellow MPs in the Commons on Tuesday.

Addressing him at Health Questions, Labour's shadow health minister Justin Madders acknowledged Mr Hunt's record and appeared to be lining up a compliment... only for it to turn out to be anything but:

Can I start by congratulating the Secretary of State for becoming the longest-serving health secretary in history.

It's an important landmark, not least because it's the first target that he's managed to hit...

Even Jeremy Hunt managed to raise a smile to that.

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