A woman has spotted what she has described as the shape of Jesus in a wave.

Tracey Bosworth was snapping the sea at Babbacombe in Devon on Tuesday 7th December when the water rose up to reveal what appeared to look like the religious figure.

The keen photographer from Torbay explains: “I have a relationship with the sea. I spend most of my time on the coast. It’s where I am happiest. I love watching the waves and I love taking photographs. Combining the two is my idea of heaven.

Tracey Bosworth / SWNS

“I noticed due to high tide and effects of Storm Barra, the waves were splashing against the steps that lay horizontally to the beach, almost along its full length. The waves were quite big at times.

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Tracey Bosworth / SWNS

“I took lots of photos but it wasn’t until I was going through them to find one or two to put on social media that I came across this image with God in it. I was so excited. I feel really blessed!”

Tracey says that some who have viewed the picture she took at Oddicombe Beach have also likened it to Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, or Neptune, the Roman god of freshwater.

Brings a whole new meaning to the words ‘holy water’ doesn’t it?

SWNS reporting by Dean Murray.

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