The funniest reactions to this photo of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

The funniest reactions to this photo of Joe Biden and Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson and Joe Biden met on Thursday for the first time for photo ops discussions at the G7 summit, ranging from climate change to international relations.

Among a number of photos released to the media, which included Jill Biden and Carrie Symonds frolicking on the beach with the latter’s son Wilfred, and the two world leaders bumping elbows to express some lovely Covid secure mutual affection, one stood out and got everyone talking:

The photo showed Biden with his hand on Johnson’s back and the both looking out towards the sea. Posting it on Twitter, Biden wrote: “The special relationship between the United States and the United Kingdom is stronger than ever. Thank you for hosting me today, Prime Minister Johnson.”

Some people thought the body language in the pic revealed that Biden regarded himself as more important or powerful than Johnson:

Others didn’t delve as deeply into the photo and just thought it was funny, and came up with some brilliant captions:

The G7 summit is being held in Carbis Bay in Cornwall. Today, leaders of wealthy nations were put under pressure to do more to share the burden of protecting the world from the virus. Tonight, they will relax over a fancy dinner attended by the Queen which will be sure to bring about more great photos.

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