This years-old letter from Biden to his staff is making people emotional

This years-old letter from Biden to his staff is making people emotional
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A letter the President-elect Joe Biden wrote to his team six years ago to his staff as vice president is doing the rounds online as many admire his compassion.

In the note, Biden writes to his staff:

"I would like to take a moment and make something clear. I do not expect nor do I want any of you to miss or sacrifice important family obligations for work."

"Family obligations include but are not limited to family birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any religious ceremonies such as first communions and bar mitzvahs, graduations, and times of need such as an illness or loss in the family."

"This is very important to me. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if I find out that you are working with me while missing important family responsibilities, it will disappoint me greatly. This has been an unwritten rule since my days in the Senate."

Many speculated that the letter could have been sent to his staff after Biden’s loss of his wife and daughter who died in a car accident in 1972.

Biden supporters have been sharing heartwarming anecdotes of the now president-elect and how they’ll adopt this message to send to their own teams.

As many speak of their experiences with Biden or having nice bosses, one thing clear, especially in our current global state, compassion and empathy trumps everything.

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