This clip of John Bercow telling MPs to hush has gone viral, and it's hilarious

It's been quite the day in the House of Commons as more intense debates have taken place over Brexit and the UK's status in the EU.

Firstly, there were actual talks about delaying the Brexit deadline as MPs continue to be unable to find a solution to the deadlock.

Then Theresa May, the prime minister, made a reference to the Compare the Market meerkats in an answer during PMQs.

It proved to be all a bit too much for speaker John Bercow, who on Tuesday afternoon, let out what has to be the most unusual sound ever heard in the Commons.

Is he ill? Did he just die? Or is he just as bored of Brexit as the rest of us? Even Theresa May seemed a little bemused.

Regardless, this bizarre piece of audio has quickly gone viral and people cannot figure out what was going on.

There were plenty of references to old 16-bit video games.

There has been an explanation as to why he uttered such an odd noise. Apparently, he was trying to hush the MPs whilst May was talking.

Another clip from Tuesday showed that Bercow has quite the vocal range.

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