Julia Hartley-Brewer suggests that Greta Thunberg is being exploited by adults who told her 'lies about the climate change'

A few months ago, it's possible that only environmentalists and climate change activists were aware of the name Greta Thunberg.

Now, in April 2019, the 16-year-old Swedish girl has become a global spokesperson on the very serious issue of climate change, addressing politicians and even being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, for some, this just isn't good enough and they will go to no ends in order to smear her name just because she is trying to do something good.

These naysayers include the outspoken 'journalists' Toby Young and Brendan O'Neill. That's right grown men attempting to shame a teenage girl... *shudder.*

Fortunately for Greta, someone is here to bat for her and that person is *reads name closely*... Julia Hartley-Brewer??? What?

That's the radio presenter and right-wing commentator, who has previously had pops at Diane Abbott for drinking a mojito and the 'revoke article 50 petition', now telling people to back off Greta.

In a tweet, the 50-year-old presenter wrote:

Can people please stop attacking *and* deifying Greta Thunberg.

She’s a vulnerable 16yr old with Asperger’s who’s terrified her world is about to end.

At this point, you'd be fooled into thinking that Julia had turned over a new leaf and was leaving behind her job as a professional contrarian.

As Keyser Soze once said 'the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist' and, sure enough any, goodwill Julia had restored to herself was undone with her following 24 words.

Don’t be cross with her, be bloody furious with the adults who’ve told her those lies and are using her for their political aims.

Julia, Julia, Julia. You were doing so well but then you had to go and spout some nonsense about denying climate change and accusing adults of telling lies to further their 'political aims'.

Needless, to say this baseless claim and denial of science hasn't gone down too well.

Julia did try to respond to some critics but it really didn't help the matter.

Oh Julia... we suggest you click here and perhaps you might learn something.

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