Katie Hopkins is reportedly close to bankruptcy so this tweet is coming back to haunt her
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Right wing media commentator Katie Hopkins, who once said poor people in debt had no-one to blame but themselves, is reportedly “on the brink of declaring bankruptcy”.

Hopkins, who was found to have libelled food writer Jack Monroe on Twitter, has applied for an insolvency arrangement after being ordered to pay substantial damages.

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is a long-term repayment arrangement made with creditors which allows people to avoid filing for bankruptcy.

Since the case began, Hopkins was also dropped from her radio show on LBC after tweeting that the UK must find a “final solution” after terrorists detonated a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. “Final solution” was a phrase widely propagated by the Nazis. She was also dropped as a columnist by the Daily Mail. This followed a particularly divisive speech in America, in which Hopkins claimed that parts of Britain were in the grip of a “Muslim mafia” and that there was “institutionalised discrimination against whites”.

Previously she was a columnist at TheSun, where she used her column to describe migrants as “cockroaches” and said she was unaffected by the sight of dead refugees “floating in the water”.

Given the Hopkins’s track record for making extreme, offensive statements, there is unsurprisingly little sympathy for her current predicament. Many have pointed to a tweet she posted in 2014 that mocked people with financial difficulties.

It is particularly difficult to feel sorry for Hopkins after learning that Monroe once offered to return the money to her if she agreed to meet to discuss what happened and make a public apology.

Hopkins famously turned down the chance to compete for a £100,000 a year job in the final of BBC's The Apprentice in 2006. In her current situation she may regret this move, because it seems that hatred certainly doesn't pay.

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