Kirsty Young on the verge of tears at end of Queen's funeral has finished everyone

Kirsty Young on the verge of tears at end of Queen's funeral has finished everyone
BBC's Kirsty Young tears up during touching monologue on Queen's final departure

BBC presenter Kirsty Young was on the brink of crying as she movingly spoke at the end of the broadcast of Queen Elizabeth II's funeral - and it brought viewers to tears.

On Monday (19 September), as the late monarch was carried throughout the streets of London, Young spoke about the Queen's reign.

"The Queen's funeral has surely exemplified her reign. She united us in one final act of togetherness. Unifying the United Kingdom - and indeed the world beyond in respect, ceremony and significance," she said in the clip uploaded to Twitter.

"As a very young woman, she formally said her whole life, whether it be long or short, it would be devoted to our service. Never was a person truer to their word."

Young added: "And today, we have come together, many of us with tears in our eyes, but all of us with an abiding warmth in our hearts for all that she gave.

"We will surely be ever grateful to have had that final opportunity to celebrate with Her Majesty a remarkable and long reign.

"She made history; she was history. Queen Elizabeth II has gone, but she will surely never be forgotten."

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People took to the platform to share how beautiful of a job Young did in honouring the late monarch.

One person wrote: "I don't think Kirsty Young could have ended that more beautifully #queensfuneral."

"Never have I been more prouder to work for the BBC. This perfectly pitched monologue from Kirsty Young ended what's been an emotional but hugely satisfying week both on and off air," added BBC producer Matt Lockwood.

A third wrote: "This was truly moving. The way Kirsty Young ended the BBC's coverage shows that even seasoned broadcasters are allowed to -once in a while- show they are human and have emotions… beautiful."

Someone else added: "Her eyes so full of tears, her voice cracking with emotion, Kirsty Young ended today in the most perfect way with the most perfect words. Thank you, Kirsty."

Check out other reactions below to Young's heartfelt monologue.

Following the Queen's funeral today, her remains will be taken to Windsor, where she will be placed alongside her late husband, Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, at St George's chapel.

The Queen was the longest reigning monarch in the UK, ruling for 70 years.

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