Life will never be the same after you watch this Japanese-style spoof Donald Trump campaign ad

Donald Trump tends to elicit extreme reactions, usually passionate hatred, or blind love.

Well, it appears he is also something of a muse for the creatively inclined.

YouTuber Mike Diva (self styled 'maker of videos/music/memes & dreams') has made a Japan-inspired music video/commercial about the presumptive Republican candidate.

Disclaimer: watch at your own peril, because know that if you do, things may never be the same again.

A woman's bedroom is covered in pictures of Donald Trump. It only gets more disturbing, don't worry.

News on TV announces Trump has become president of the world.

In response to the tragic happy news the woman powers up to find her One True Love.

She does this by flying into a rainbow-vomiting rock carving of Trump's face...

Skipping through Trump Trees…

Riding a giant llama with Trump's head

And whatever this is:

So... we should... vote Trump?

Oh hang on...


Trump turns into a Transformer...

And destroys the world.

The End.

If you would like to get even more confused, by all means watch the entire clip, below:

Rocking in a corner, with the last vestiges of your sanity steadily slipping away?

Don't blame you.

indy100 has contacted Mike Diva for comment. Also, to ask for our sanity back.

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