Man who groped waitress arrested and charged with sexual battery

Man who groped waitress arrested and charged with sexual battery

Earlier this week, social media went wild for a waitress filmed choke-slamming a man into a bin after he groped her.

The video was made up of CCTV footage, and was initially shared by a Reddit user claiming to be the woman's cousin. Details were sketchy at first, but more information has emerged since the clip went viral – and you'll likely be glad to know the man in question, 31-year-old Ryan Cherwinski, has been arrested.

LADBible recently reported that the incident took place at Vinnie Van Go-Go's, a pizza restaurant in Savannah, Georgia.

On the night of the video, Palm Beach native Cherwinski was on a date with his wife and two daughters when he excused himself from the table, and then slid past 21-year-old waitress Emelia Holden.

The clip clearly shows him groping Holden as he passed her; so at this point she turned around, grabbed him and slammed him into a bin.

Noticing the commotion, a co-worker then called the police on Cherwinski, who was arrested and charged with sexual battery after officers watched the aforementioned CCTV footage. He was taken into custody the next morning, and then spent two nights in jail before being released on bail.

Holden's impressively quick reactions have earned her viral fame, which she has since used to raise money for a local animal shelter via GoFundMe.

Speaking to People, Holden claimed to be bewildered by the attention, but also said she was glad to have received such an outpouring of praise from women worldwide:

I'm not glad that it happened, but I'm glad that it's had such a positive outcome.

I'm glad that other women can see this and know that you can stand up for yourself. You also have the right to wear whatever you want without having to worry about being groped.

Naturally, plenty of social media users were quick to share coverage of the story alongside messages of support and admiration for Holden.

The overwhelming consensus is obvious: justice has been served.

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