Man who gave his life savings to the 'Freedom Convoy' says he regrets going

Cycling journalist asks Freedom convoy counter protesters what the "RAM RANCH" is ...

For vocal anti-vaccine advocates that have continued to refuse a possibly life-saving jab, many are now seeing the repercussions of their actions.

One man in particular who involved himself with the popular "Freedom Convoy" protests in Canada, is largely now regretting giving the convoy his entire life savings.

In an interview with CBC, Martin Joseph Anglehart explained that he got involved with the recent convoy protests earlier this year. Though he become heavily involved and an active member, he also notes that he "never had a stance" on the vaccine mandates.

According to Anglehart, it began when he started delivering fuel and laundry to the protesters as they filled major cities. This all changed, however, when he then bore the cost of future expenses.

CBC reports: "From Jan. 28 to Feb. 14, bank statements provided to CBC show Anglehart transferred thousands of dollars and spent thousands more at a gas station near Coventry Road — where he was stationed for the majority of the protest. Anglehart is currently living out of his SUV, as he said his landlord kicked him out over his 'point of view' concerning the protest."

Anglehart told the outlet that he now has "nothing left" and admitted that the protest disrupted life for so many Ottawa residents.

"I would like to apologize to [the] people in Ottawa," Anglehart said. "I'm sorry... All I wanted was to help people."

Now, he is apparently currently living out of his SUV. Anglehart claimed that his landlord kicked him out over his "point of view" concerning the protest.

Previously, a clip from The Simpsons went viral after many assumed that the popular sitcom had predicted the so-called Freedom Convoy. As it turns out, the clip was actually made up of footage from two different episodes broadcast decades apart.

There have also been many other protests occurring around the world relating to vaccination mandates.

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