This woman had a six hour standoff with Police over a pasta dish

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In case you don't know this, if your significant other cooks you food, at least pretend to be appreciative.

If they ask how it is, under no circumstances should your response be:

It's just OK

While this advice might seem incredibly niche and specific, it's a lesson learned by Jodi Ecklund.

She's currently facing six felony charges after allegedly assaulting her boyfriend, Jason Martin, simply because he didn't absolutely love the spaghetti she cooked for him.

When Jason was asked if he liked the pasta, he said it was 'OK' and to say she took it poorly would be an understatement.

She reportedly punched him in the head numerous time, throwing some of his stuff outside and then barricaded herself in their apartment.

Police were called to their residence and Eckland engaged in an hours-long standoff with the officers, before eventually being taken into custody.

Merrimack police chief Denis Roy said that Eckland had threatened to kill any officer who attempted to get into the apartment.

Roy told theUnion Leader:

There was more than one gun inside of the residence

Eckland eventually surrendered after a staggering six-hours-long standoff and she is facing a laundry list of charges, including criminal mischief, domestic violence simple assault, criminal threatening, and reckless conduct.

During her arraignment hearing, Eckland said:

I have bipolar disorder, I'm not this monster

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