Man texts woman to ask for refund on drink because they didn’t have sex

Louis Staples
Tuesday 04 June 2019 07:45
Image:(Istock / Twitter)

Sadly, most single people know that dating can be a minefield.

It might seem easy not to be a total moron, but many, many people seem to fail at being normal and nice.

Student paramedic Chlo Matthews found this out the hard way when, after a night out, she received a text the following day from a man who’d bought her a drink.

After a few texts back and forth, the man asked if Chlo could transfer him money for the drinks he bought her because they "didn't go home together".

The text reads:

Could you transfer me the money for those drinks I bought you last nite since we didn’t go home togeva wasn’t really worth my time was it lol x.

After Chlo’s screen grab of the exchange went viral, people were not impressed.

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