Mark Hamill delivers brutal take down of Trump in just three words

Mark Hamill delivers brutal take down of Trump in just three words
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Mark Hamill brutally summed up Trump’s entire presidency in just three words.

When Trump tweeted:


The Star Wars actor responded:

“You misspelled “PRESIDENT”.”

Like many during his post-election meltdown, Trump’s tweet was flagged as “disputed”.

The Republican president has failed to produce evidence of widespread voter fraud as he repeatedly promised: many of his legal challenges, headed up by his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and grounded in conspiracy theory, have been thrown out.

Trump himself has been accused of corruption throughout his presidency, however.

As well as employing multiple people to his administration who were subsequently charged with a crime and even jailed, Trump was impeached for allegedly seeking help from Ukraine to be re-elected and was revealed to have paid as little as $750 a year in income tax while in office.

He also pedalled a dangerous and ineffective coronavirus treatment at government press conferences for which he may have had a financial incentive.

Mark Hamill is an expert at trolling Trump.

Last month he responded to Trump’s insistence that he had “won the election” by tweeting “you won an ejection”.

He also taught Trump about foreign interference in elections and accused him of telling more lies than Pinocchio.

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