This is why you shouldn't break into houses

This is why you shouldn't break into houses

A photo of a man accused of breaking and entering a North Carolina property is a cautionary tale to all would be burglars.

On Monday Matthew Lawrence Bergstedt was arrested in Raleigh-Wake, North Carolina, for burglary.

According to ABC News local affiliate WTVD, heattempted to kick down the door of a house.

The 27-year-old was then clobbered with a piece of fire wood by one of the occupants.

The effects are evident. Two giant black eyes and face lacerations.

Here's a police mugshot:

Bergstedt is then reported to have fled and broken into a nearby apartment that was empty.

He was arrested and has been charged with breaking and entering and attempted breaking an entering.

The break in at the first residence is believed to have been pre-meditated due to Bergstedt's pre-existing relationship with one of the female occupants of the property.

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