New York's first vegan mayor makes history with meat-free Fridays in schools

New York's first vegan mayor makes history with meat-free Fridays in schools
Mayoral candidate Eric Adams wants NYC to go vegan

Eric Adams, New York City's first vegan mayor, made history by implementing meat-free Fridays in public schools.

Known as "Vegan Fridays," it's the first time all public schools in New York City are required to serve vegan food in their cafeterias once a week.

Adams, who credits veganism for helping him reverse his Type 2 diabetes diagnosis, pledged to work with the Department of Education (DOE) to help make schools healthier for students.

This implementation follows the success of Meatless Mondays in 2019 and Meatless Fridays last year.

"Plant-based meals are delicious and nutritious, which is why I previously called for vegetarian and vegan options in schools. I'm thrilled to see that all students will now have access to healthy foods that will prevent debilitating health conditions," Adams said in a statement.

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Students got to try the vegan meals for the first time on Friday. Adams took to his official Instagram and Twitter accounts to address the children's love for the menu.

However, in a report from ABC, some students noted that besides the vegan meal option, a burrito containing dairy cheese was also on the menu, which isn't vegan.

The DOE said that with Vegan Fridays, non-vegan options will still be available upon request.

Schools also offer vegan options daily, including peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, hummus and pretzels, and more.

Milk will continue to be a drink option and is required to be served under federal USDA guidelines.

A spokesperson mentioned that there is room for improvement and will get feedback for the new menu, as reported by ABC.

Elsewhere, city officials said that this protocol would help influence the importance of nutritious eating among students.

"The DOE is committed to the health and wellbeing of every child, and having a consistent, nourishing, and filling meal each day is essential in ensuring students can succeed both inside and outside the classroom," said Jenna Lyle the DOE press secretary.

Menus will be available to view a month in advance on the DOE's website.

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