Megan Rapinoe had the perfect response to Trump losing the election
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Megan Rapinoe has once again been iconic.

The two-time World Cup winner and Olympic gold medallist responded to Donald Trump’s defeat with a truly exceptional tweet.

Shortly after Joe Biden won the election, Rapinoe shared a video on Twitter.

She captioned it: "Update: I can’t get to the f**king White House fast enough now!!!"

The video might seem familiar.

That's because Rapinoe made the news last year for saying that she would "not go to the f***ing White House" if invited.

In response, Trump lashed out at the soccer player.

Instead of backing down, she stood by her comments and only apologised for using a swear word.

People thought the tweet was perfectly-crafted.

Rapinoe has long been a critic of Trump.

Last year, when collecting the Ballon d'Or, she called the president "completely crazy".

It's no surprise then that she was delighted to see Biden and Harris win.

That, plus getting engaged, means that Rapinoe has a lot of celebrating to do!

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