Despite what their name would suggest, the Royal Family's surname is not Royal. It's not Windsor or anything German sounding, like that.

It is technically supposed to be Moutbatten-Windsor (a combination of the Queen's surname and Prince Philip's) which they can use for education or military purposes but they don't have too.

As an alternative, they sometimes use geographical names like 'Wales' or 'Cambridge,' which coincides with their official royal title i.e. The Prince of Wales.

Prince George, the eldest child of William and Kate is known by his official title of 'His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge' with his classmates also calling him 'George Cambridge.'

So, this all leads to the question of 'what will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's child be called?'

The couple were given the title of 'Duke and Duchess of Sussex' when they got married last year.

Therefore it's likely that the child will be given the name of Sussex which is nice and certainly posh enough for a member of the Royal family.

Insider reports that it could well be the aforementioned Mountbatten-Windsor but recent history would suggest that they will opt for Sussex.

That's all well and good but we can't help but think that having so many different surnames in one family must get a bit confusing.

HT Insider

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