Men are sharing the one compliment they've received that they'll never forget


Everyone loves a good compliment, but sometimes there's one that really sticks with you.

This week on Reddit, user MostarRed asked: "Men of Reddit, what is that one compliment you got that you'll never forget?"

The responses are hilarious, touching and most importantly, so very pure.

1. This daughter gave her dad a winning compliment.

2. Noticing another's hard work to lose weight.

3. Drunk people can be rather friendly.

4. Grandparents always say the right thing.

5. This compliment to someone's nature.

6. Is there anything better than getting complimented by a drunk person?

7. This smooth move would charm anyone.

8. Flattery at it's best.

9. This could cure anyone's social anxiety.

10. Powerful words.

11. Getting more than you expected from the supermarket.

12. And finally, possibly the most fulfilling compliment anyone can ever receive.

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