Men who pay for sex reveal what goes through their minds - but with one twist

The majority of people who pay for sex in Britain are men. In fact, according to research published last year, one in 10 British males have visited a prostitute.

Perhaps owing to this trend, the idea of men talking about and explaing what the process of paying for sex is like isn't all that shocking. In fact, as film-maker Alice Russell explained to Refinery29, our default stereotype for a buyer is male.

So I'm walking down my local high street, going past a newsagents where I happened to catch the eye of exotic massage...

My heart's racing because I'm excited about the thrill of having solicited sex with a complete stranger and hoping at this point that she's going to be really attractive.

But in her documentary "Men Buy Sex", Russell found a way to make their comments all the more shocking - by dubbing them over women mouthing the words.

As she explained to Refinery29:

Their words reveal a sense of entitlement that is surprising to hear when it's expressed by women, they are words that belong to the world of men.

As Russell says, try imagining the words are being expressed by the women about their experiences with men.

You can see the full video below:

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