This MP had the greatest response to winning his seat

Winning candidate for Norwich South Clive Lewis had a great time on a crazy election night.

What was thought to be a closely fought race actually turned out to be a big victory for the Corbyn ally, who managed to increase his vote share by 21.7 per cent and more than doubled his majority from 7,654 to 15,596.

And he celebrated in the best possible way.

Rather than hanging back and keeping a calm demeanour, the Labour politician had a quite - well - over the top - celebration.

And it was completely adorable.

On hearing the result he pumped his chest a gestured with victory signs.

Never one to hide his emotions, he was also pretty excited to when the exit poll came out at 10.

Lewis won his seat in 2015 from Liberal Democrat Simon Wright. Winning back the seat would have been a huge relief for Lewis, who cancelled his honeymoon due to the snap election.

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