Mum shares terrifying story warning people not to kiss newborn babies

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Lucy Kendall and her partner Jaz Miller have a beautiful newborn son called Oliver, however, when he was only 11 days old, it became apparent that everything wasn't right.

Ms Kendall, 23, became concerned when her baby son Oliver slowly stopped drinking milk throughout the night. One minute he was gurgling away, doing normal baby things, and the next he appeared to be recoiling from her milk in pain.

When he started to arch his back in pain, Lucy and Jaz became anxious that he would become dehydrated from not drinking, and rushed the newborn to hospital, reports The Daily Mirror.

It was the right decision. He was rushed to the High Dependency Unit, where he was subjected to a number of tests, and after eight agonising days, he was diagnosed with herpes.

For adults, the virus is common, and can be treated. However, for babies, it can result in death, as their immune systems aren't robust enough to cope with it.

In a now viral Facebook message, which has been shared 7.7K times, Lucy explained how her baby contracted the virus as a warning to other parents:

 As you could imagine me and my partner was shocked, we couldn't comprehend What he just said.

The doctor began to explain the herpes simplex virus can be passed onto a newborn baby if; a person has a cold sore and kisses the baby or touches the baby after touching the Cold sore.

Cold sores are at their most contagious when they burst (rupture). They remain contagious until completely healed.

Oliver spent 21day in the hospital and we finally get to go home with 6 months of antibiotics and visits to the hospital 

Please respect newborn baby and stay away if you have a cold sore.

We're the lucky ones! A few hours later this could be reading so differently.


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