This mum threw out her young children's toys and people are furious


There’s few things children love more than toys.

In fact it’s widely accepted that toys have a positive effect on a child’s development. But, as with most things, there’s parents who aren’t afraid to buck the trend.

A blogger named Ruth recently decided to share a story explaining why she disposed of her children’s toys.

In an article, she explains how she got "fed up" of cleaning and re-arranging her children’s stuff, so she packed them all up and threw them away.

Ruth highlights an occasion on a recent trip where her daughter requested that she buy her a toy. When she refused, her daughter became despondent. Ruth found it disturbing that her child “fixated on the one thing she couldn’t have rather than the cool sights we were actually experiencing”.

By the time four weeks had passed, Ruth claimed that her children’s behaviour drastically changed.

Had I not experienced it with my own eyes, I would’ve never believed that an addiction to stuff could be broken that quickly.

While Ruth advocates for this approach, the post has been highly contentious online. Some Reddit users have branded it cruel and unproductive, claiming it undermines children’s trust and sense of security. Here's what people said:


H/T: BoredPanda

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