Twitter has finally added a hugely needed feature

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Eggs are the scourge of Twitter.

In case you don’t know, the egg is the default avatar that appears on a Twitter account if the user doesn’t upload a profile picture.

It has therefore become synonymous with people who set up multiple, new accounts for the lone purpose of harassing people online.

If you ever tweet about Donald Trump, Brexit, Gamergate or feminism, you’ll probably get a swarm of them telling you why you’re wrong, and offering some unsolicited abuse.

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Now – after facing constant pressure to deal with the continued disgusting behaviour of some of the site’s users - Twitter are stepping up and doing something about the eggs.

New options announced this week will allow you to mute any user who hasn’t confirmed their email or phone number – a very common sign of an account just set up to hurl abuse at people.

And they also adding in an option to mute anyone who still has the default avatar – giving you a blissful, egg-free life.

Note that this is only muting, not blocking, so those pesky egg-trolls can still see your tweets if your account is public.

Perhaps they'll soon create something that blocks anyone with an anime avatar.

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