Nigel Farage vowed to return to front line politics and the internet had a field day

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Clearly not bothered that his ideas are plunging the UK into a no-deal panic, Nigel Farage has decided that what Britain needs right now is more of him.

Jeremy Hunt has had to clarify that the UK 'would survive' a no-deal Brexit, which is nice; Sadiq Khan has ordered London's emergency planners to prepare; and last month, stockpiling food on was on the cards.

But it's fine, because the guy who encouraged this mess is here to sort it out and challenge what he describes as Theresa May's "fraudulent" Chequers plan.

Farage will apparently be "back on the road" as part of a battle bus tour by the 'Leave Means Leave' group to fight "for a real Brexit", he wrote in The Daily Telegraph.

He argued that May's Brexit blueprint would not allow the UK to take back control of its borders and fishing rights, and would not enable it to strike free trade deals around the world. He wrote:

It is now beyond doubt that the political class in Westminster and many of their media allies do not accept the EU referendum result.

They refuse to acknowledge the wishes of the majority of those who took part in that historic plebiscite of 2016 by voting to leave the European Union.

As far as I’m concerned, this is the worst case of Stockholm syndrome ever recorded.

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The MEP and political commentator heralded this as his "return" to British politics, in yet another bus, announcing "I'm back!" on Twitter.

People weren't quite as gleeful as Farage seemed by the prospect his own return.

This tweet sums up the whole feeling quite nicely.

Are we in hell? Again?

The people have spoken.

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