North Koreans still don't know that Trump won the US election

Louis Dor
Monday 14 November 2016 11:45
Picture:(ED JONES/AFP/Getty Images)

Almost everyone around the world knows that Donald Trump has been elected the 45th President of the United States.

The topic has completely dominated news headlines around the world.

Except in North Korea, where a BBC reporter says state media still hasn't revealed who won the election.

As Mr Greenway explained, they have a precedent for this:

They are able to do this because the media stream is very carefully filtered, and citizens only receive information as directed by the state.

However, to leave the announcement a week seems like strange behaviour from the regime.

The fact that they are pausing for thought as to how to portray Donald Trump suggests they may be reserving judgment as to portraying him as they have every president since the 1950s - as an opponent.

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