The North Korean Olympic cheerleaders have gone viral

The North Korean Olympic cheerleaders have gone viral

North Korean cheerleaders have taken the Winter Olympics by storm thanks to their choreographed routines.

The 75-strong group, which have been dubbed "the army of beauties", sing their own songs in unison from the stands complete with actions.

Many people who were in attendance at both the speed skating and ice hockey events in Pyeongchang captured several mesmerising videos of the singers.

Even the official dancers and singers organised by the games couldn't stop them.

The videos have definitely caught the imagination of people on social media.

Others weren't quite as impressed and pointed out that this was another form of North Korean propaganda from the controversial nation.

The cheerleaders are unlikely to change international opinions on North Korea, which tested several ballistic missiles last year fuelling tensions between them and the United States.

However, North Korea has been on the charm offensive at the Olympics where athletes from both the North and the South are competing in women's ice hockey as a unified Korean team.

Their spirit of unity has been highly praised by US ice hockey star and International Olympic Committee member Angela Ruggiero who believes that they should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Metro quotes her as saying:

I would love the team to get the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously, the team.

Something that is recognising the sacrifice they made they made to adjusting their competitions.

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