Picture: N Stjerna/Creative Commons
Picture: N Stjerna/Creative Commons

Another day, another meme undermining Isis.

A rival jihadi group in Yemen is ridiculing the Syria and Iraqi based "caliphate" by saying that the battle scenes in their propaganda is faked.

Hidayah Media is the propaganda arm of a rebel group associated with al-Qaeda currently fighting in Yemen against the state and several other groups, including the Yemeni chapter of Isis.

The latest video from Hidayah features a member who allegedly defected from Isis, and says that victorious battle footage in Isis' propaganda videos are faked using Vimto as a blood substitute.

He claims Isis fighters would lie on the ground covered in Vimto, and pretend to be dead Houthi rebels.

Whether the claims are true or not, the use of Vimto has been amusing a lot of people online.

Isis spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adnani has been photoshopped into a Vimto delivery man.

BBC Trending translates the speech bubble as a play on his famous quote about Isis armies drinking blood:

We have armies in Iraq and Syria that are hungry like lions: they drink Vimto and eat samosas.

Vimto is popular across North Africa and the Gulf and is often bought during Ramadan.

The concentrated version sold in the Middle East is much redder in tone than the purple stuff drunk in the UK, BBC Trending reports.

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