Paris Hilton just hinted at running against Kanye West for president and no one knows what to think

Paris Hilton just hinted at running against Kanye West for president and no one knows what to think

Celebrities are very bored right now.

The pandemic has starved many of the attention and social calendar they’re used to and, let’s be honest, Instagram Stories doesn’t quite suffice.

Which is perhaps why longtime headline grabber Kanye West realised this week that posting bizarre pictures of him and his spouse wasn’t enough and instead decided to announce a presidential bid.

Declaring to Forbes that he was done with Trump, West outlined his plans for the presidency, including making friend Elon Musk head of his space programme and organising the White House via a management model inspired by the fictional Marvel country of Wakanda.

Clearly he has some… things going on.

But West might have a challenger for the most outlandish presidential bid of 2020: Ms Paris Hilton.

The heiress has teasingly thrown her hat into the ring with a new social media post.

Uploading a picture of herself smouldering outside the White House, Hilton captioned the snap ‘#ParisForPresident’ and ‘#MakeAmericaHotAgain’.

Which, to be honest, is a very tempting ticket to back.

Who wouldn’t want to Make America Hot Again?

She further joked that after a “lot of thought and consideration”, she’d come to the conclusion the Oval Office needed a “woman’s touch”.

Well it’s surely better than what Kanye’s penchant for completely sparse interiors would result in.

People are not quite sure how to react to Hilton’s foray into politics.

Some are already planning tactical voting campaigns.

Others recalled that this future was actually foretold.

Others didn’t find it so funny though.

One can only speculate as to Paris’s personal platform, although there were some optimistic guesses.

Even high-ranking Democrats were confused as to whether it was a wind-up.

Spoiler: it almost certainly is.

Shame, because maybe Paris could have provided some real leadership.

That would be… hot.


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