Woman 'fined $5 during flight for sexually assaulting male passenger'

Woman 'fined $5 during flight for sexually assaulting male passenger'

An "intoxicated" plane passenger was fined $5 after allegedly sexually assaulting a male passenger.

2023 has certainly been a year fuelled by plane drama, from Tiffany Gomas' "not real" rant and a woman flaunting her so-called influencer status to a gross biohazard forcing the flight to do a U-turn. All of which were caught on camera, despite experts urging people to not do so as it could cause more in-air confrontations.

But now, one incident has taken a much more serious turn, with reports of a woman forcefully performing a sex act on a man in front of fellow passengers and staff members.

The 29-year-old was flying from Antalya to Vnukovo airport when the incident was said to take place. According to reports, the male passenger sat next to her repeatedly tried to push her away but she continued.

When staff intervened, they moved the woman away and had her guarded by a staff member.

More reports claim she tried to scratch crew members, smoke a vape and tried to bribe a member of staff with $100 to keep quiet.

When they refused and put the money in the bin, she reportedly proceeded to empty the rubbish bin onto the floor to find her money.

Despite being met at the airport by officers and cheered by passengers as she left the plane, the woman reportedly had no remorse, telling BAZA media: "Everything was fine. I had a good time on the plane. Well, that’s a little more than that."

She has since claimed she was fined 500 roubles [around £5] for the incident.

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