Poll: People think Jeremy Corbyn's suggested TV debate with David Cameron is a good idea

Louis Dor
Friday 01 January 2016 13:30

Earlier this week Jeremy Corbyn challenged David Cameron to take part in an annual televised 'state of the nation' debate with other national political leaders.

The Labour leader told the Independent that he hoped the prime minister would sign up to the debates, which he believes are healthy for democracy because they allow leaders to be questioned by voters.

Corbyn said:

No political leader should shrink from the chance to engage more fully with the public and to test their arguments in debate.

He added that he believed the debates would help the public “engage more in politics in way that has been shown to be effective.”

On Sunday, a Downing Street source said it would be prepared to “look at the formal details of any proposal”.

A new YouGov poll has shown that the majority of the public would be in favour of this proposition.

The online survey by YouGov Daily has shown that 63 per cent were in favour of such debates, compared to only 29 per cent opposed.

Your move, Mr Cameron.