Peter Dutton: Australian politician couldn't name a single AC/DC song and the internet has no mercy

Peter Dutton: Australian politician couldn't name a single AC/DC song and the internet has no mercy

Australian politician Peter Dutton failed to name a single AC/DC song during a radio interview.

In the interview with Triple M's Hot Breakfast radio show, just a day after his failed leadership challenge, Dutton was trying to show Australia his "softer side".

People have seen me as the immigration minister, as the home affairs minister, and they’re tough jobs. It’s hard when you’re doing a radio interview or you're doing a TV interview and you're being asked questions about those serious matters to show a different side.

And I think people do want to see a different side.

The interview covered a broad range of topics, shedding light on high electricity prices, small businesses, farmers working in droughts and other issues you might expect in a political issue.

But when it came down to the most important question, perhaps the biggest test to see if the wannabe prime minister has what it takes for the job, he choked when asked what his favourite AC/DC song was.

The conversation went as follows:

Wil Anderson:

What's your favourite AC/DC song?

Peter Dutton:

Mate, this is one where it catches you out... I had about an hour and a half sleep last night, so I'm trying to catch up with you Wil but I haven't mate, I'm sorry. You've got the gotcha of the day. I think 'Listen Like Thieves' was my INXS one when I was last in.

Eddie Maguire

That's a good answer. Here's a tip for you, Peter. Don't try and sing songs you don't know the lyrics to.

There you have it, looks like Peter Dutton really isn't fit to be Australia's next prime minister.

Host Wil Anderson lamented the lack of answer, saying: “I am worried about the fact that we might have two prime ministers in a row who can’t name an AC/DC song though... at least he handled it a bit better [than Malcolm Turnbull] but it still worries me a little that he can't name one,”

Current PM Malcolm Turnbull also failed to name an AC/DC song when asked by Triple M in Brisbane in November last year.

Australian politics is on a highway to hell, it seems.

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