50,000 sign petition to have 'heinous public figure' Piers Morgan fired from Good Morning Britain

50,000 sign petition to have 'heinous public figure' Piers Morgan fired from Good Morning Britain

50,000 people have signed the letter directed to Dame Carolyn McCall, Chief Executive of ITV, and editor of Good Morning Britain, Neil Thompson, asking that Piers Morgan be removed from the show.

The petition, set up by Liam Austen, argues that;

In keeping Piers Morgan as the programme’s main draw, however, ITV are actively choosing to promote an insidious agenda against transgender people (and minorities in general), as through his choice of language he regularly berates and mocks those who do not identify in a way he is willing to comprehend.

In a set of sobering statistics, Austen reminds readers of the experience trans people of many trans people in the UK, linking this to Morgan's comments.

83% of young trans people have experienced verbal abuse, 60% have experienced threats and intimidation, and 35% have experienced physical assault (more than one in five, a staggering number)?

He goes on to explain why Morgan is "perhaps one of our country’s most heinous public figures."

In September last year, Morgan famously changed his twitter photo to a penguin, and claimed to wish to identify as such, in mockery of trans people. He has also been slammed for imitating people with Chinese accents.

When it comes to coronavirus however, it would seem that Morgan has managed to claw back at least some favourability with the British public. He has been called the “voice of the nation” after tearing apart culture secretary Oliver Dowden over the numbers of NHS and care workers, and care home residents that have died.

More recently, Morgan went on to say that he’d change “absolutely everything” about the way the government have handled the crisis so far, as he slammed the UK government in an interview with Dr Hilary Jones.

In what some consider a 'Twitter win', Morgan was unfollowed by Trump after calling his coronavirus bleach treatment claims 'bats**t crazy'.

Yet, while Morgan may deserve a thumbs up this does not wipe the slate for the damaging comments he has made towards transgender people, minorities, and women which he is yet to apologise for.

He's not responded to the petition, but we'll be sure to let you know if he does.

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