Piers Morgan even managed to make Sean Spicer's press conference about him

GETTY / RAMIN TALAIE / Aaron P. Bernstein

Sean Spicer has attracted a barrage of criticism after saying Hitler never used chemical weapons.

The White House press secretary was discussing the US’ cruise missile attack on a Syrian airfield last week, when he made the historically inaccurate.

But somehow, Piers Morgan managed to make Spicer’s screw up about himself.

Morgan said in a tweet: "Did Spicer read my Daily Mail column and misunderstand what I said re Hitler and chemical weapons?"

Either Morgan really can't help but think about himself in every situation, or he used Spicer's false claims as an opportunity to promote an old article.

Piers wrote in his article that “the effects were so appalling that even the Nazis reportedly held off using it on the battlefields during World War II, fearing massive retaliation”.

People were unimpressed:

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