Thousands of people across the US protested in support of Trump - here's why you shouldn't panic

Miami Herald/Facebook screengrab

United States President Donald Trump has accused former president Barack Obama of wire-tapping his Trump Tower office prior to the elections in November.

The president failed to follow up the accusations with any evidence.

A spokesman for Barack Obama said the accusation was “simply false”.

One US congressman went on to suggest that if there was a wiretap, a federal judge must have found “probable cause of crime…which means you are in deep s--t”.

Trump supporters also exercised their democratic right and took to the streets to protest this weekend, calling rallies #March4Trump.

The organisers issued a rallying cry:

Our cities are being assailed, our police are under attack, and our livelihoods are being given away. 

From radical Islamic terrorism to our deliberately undermined military, the challenges posed from without are just as dangerous.

President Trump has thankfully set a new course, and no matter your race, creed, colour, gender, orientation, age, or anything else traitors exploit to divide, We The People are one.

And uh...lots of people answered it.

Kind of.

All across America…

There were supporters who came out in various places:




New York

According to a number of Trump supporters, “hundreds of people” showed up in Los Angeles after organising on social media.

Miami Herald said some 2,000 pro-Trump supporters rallied at Tropical Park on Saturday.

The photos depict pro-Trump supporters, but also feature anti-Trump protestors who showed up in a number of places to hold counter-rallies.

Here's a dose of perspective:

One in every 100 Americans marched to protest Trump’s inauguration, and between 3.3 million and 4.6 million people across the US attended the Women’s Marches in protest of the new president – the largest day of protest in the country’s history.

Picture:Picture: Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty

And again...

Picture:Picture: Getty

People were quick to point out the contrast...

Just FYI:

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