QAnon now has a troubling new splinter group called 'Negative48'

QAnon now has a troubling new splinter group called 'Negative48'
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Turns out, things can always get worse.

A new "splinter group" from theQAnon movement called Negative48 has emerged - and members caused friction with security at former President Donald Trump's rallies, it has been reported.

On Monday (26 September), The Washington Post 's Isaac Arnsdorf reported on the group and the strained relationship with the security team.

Negative48's members were behind the voyage to Dallas last year to see the apparent reemergence of John F. Kennedy Jr and his team effort with Trump to reclaim America from a dark evil.

They are also following the former commander-in-chief's rallies around the country like they're following their favourite band.

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"The arrival of the QAnon group, however, has led to a silent standoff with Trump's team, raising concerns that they could disrupt events, alienate other fans, distract from the former president's message or generate bad publicity," reported Arnsdorf.

Arnsdorf also said that the security, who were "male and female bodybuilders," kept a close eye on Negative48, informing them that they "can't block the aisles with their dancing."

The report also stated that the splinter group has an odd form of numerology within their plan, even going as far as to create ominous parallels.

"One man with the group who didn't identify himself illustrated how it worked using the name of this newspaper. 'The Washington Post?' he said. 'W is 23 in the alphabet. P is 16. Thirty-nine. Angel 39. Which angel? Lucifer was an angel,'" the report added.

The broader conspiracy viewpoints of the QAnon movement are centred around the belief that Trump wants to free the US from a malicious group of sex-trafficking cannibals who eat the flesh of children to be immortal.

They also believe that an event dubbed "The Storm" will enact martial law, leading to the arrests of political opponents.

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