Man responds to racist trolls with compliments and gets an apology back

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This guy has mastered the art of "killing with kindness".

Abusive messages from online trolls are an all too familiar part of internet life, especially if you're a person of colour, like astro-photographer and podcaster Abdul Dremali.

Dremali gets more than his fair share of hateful messages on social media, but he’s found a novel way to turn them around.

Rather than responding with insults, or even defending himself, he responds with compliments to stop his attackers in their tracks.

In an example he shared online, Dremali manages to get an apology in just a few messages.

Other users were shocked by how quickly the conversation turned around.

Fellow podcast host Bruce Greene agreed that the strategy usually works for him as well.

Dremali later explained how he became so good at staying calm when he gets abusive messages.

He also shared a little bit of insight into what his DMs look like with some of the weirdest messages he’s received.

The internet would be a better place if more people were like him.

And seriously, can everyone stop sending abuse to people they don’t know on Twitter?

Abdul’s just here to spread wholesome content.

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