Restaurant will fine customers $50 if they ask why face masks are mandatory

Restaurant will fine customers $50 if they ask why face masks are mandatory

A Texas restaurant is still adamant about making masks a continued reality on their premises.

Even though the state government lifted the mask mandate, Wayne and Kat LaCombe are insisting their customers still sport one in their Denton diner Legends.

“Our new surcharge” The sign declares.

“$50 - If I have to explain that masks are mandatory”

“$75 - If I have to hear why you disagree.”

Telling CNN about seeing the idea online, Wayne LaCombe said, “I thought ‘Oh, that’s funny. I’m going to put that up because it sends a message,’ And not five minutes after I put it up customers coming in were laughing and taking pictures of it.”

To emphasis the point, a server, who works there part-time during her art studies, created a painting of a woman donning a mask, with a caption saying “It’s respectful, not political”

Texas Governor Greg Abbot removed the mask requirement and allowed businesses to reopen without restrictions, sparked by coronavirus cases being down to record levels.

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Some people said this move was premature, pointing to the low vaccine rollout levels.

The LaCombes said they had received their first vaccines, however, not all of their workforce had yet.

Social distancing measures are still in place in Legends diner with spaced out tables, reduced patron, employees donning masks, temperatures are taken at the door and hand sanitiser on every table.

Wayne LaCombs said that people had been coming who had not been to a restaurant since the start of the pandemic last March.

“I feel very honoured and privileged that they have chosen us.”

Their efforts have been met with mostly positivity from their clientele, sparking relief as they are extremely worried about their business surviving the pandemic if they have to close again due to rising cases.

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