Yes, people are arguing about whether or not 'Dishy Rishi' Sunak is hot and it's more problematic than it seems

Yes, people are arguing about whether or not 'Dishy Rishi' Sunak is hot and it's more problematic than it seems

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a global pandemic on.

Since coronavirus changed all of our lives and forced those of us who are lucky enough to work from home, it’s been difficult to remember what life was like before.

As the fight against Covid-19 continues, British people on social media have found something (almost) entirely unrelated to argue about.

Britain is currently divided on, err, whether chancellor Rishi Sunak is hot or not.

This might seem surprising, given, well, there’s lots of other things to be talking about right now. But this week the online thirst-fest over the young chancellor has reached fever pitch.

He’s even been given the name “Dishy Rishi” by his admirers.

Look, there’s quite a few of them…

So how did this happen?

A year ago most people in the UK probably hadn’t heard of Sunak. But since being thrust into the national spotlight following the sensational resignation of former chancellor Sajid Javid, he’s become one of the leaders of the UK’s coronavirus response strategy.

Sunak is quite unusual for a Conservative chancellor because, even before the pandemic fully hit, he spent billions and billions of pounds during his first budget. After coronavirus brought the economy to a halt, he’s pledged to do “whatever it takes” to help get people through it (though self-employed people and renters might beg to differ).

Anyway, all this has made some people who might not have been so keen on the idea of lusting over a Tory (for ethical reasons) feel a bit more open to the idea of having a Tory crush. He does, on the face of things, seem like a very nice guy, and lots of other people either don’t care about his political affiliation or seemingly find the fact that he's a Tory attractive under some sort of "opposites attract" mantra. Others, you know, are presumably Tories themselves too (shock horror).

Although objectifying politicians (male or female) is objectively quite problematic, that doesn't stop people from doing it and where the discourse goes, we follow.

Whether Sunak is hot or not has become the biggest divide in the UK since Brexit.

There’s a sizeable group of people who think it’s ridiculous and more of a symptom of lockdown hornyness…

And many, many admirers… Particularly after Sunak posted a picture of himself working from home in a grey hoodie.

It remains to be seen whether the collective crush on Sunak will last of simply disappear if our lives ever return to normal. But more importantly, for now...

... which team are you on?

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