Perhaps in part as sweet revenge for the way Boris Johnson disrespected the business world during his CBI speech, Ryanair has savaged the government over the now infamous Downing Street party allegations by mocking their Covid alert system.

Posting on Twitter, the airline posted the system, rightly informing people that the Covid alert level has been moved from level three to four.

But it then posted a complimentary scale showing what kind of party they’d expect to see in Downing Street at each Covid level.

At level one, when Covid is no longer present in the UK, Ryanair joked Downing Street would host a small gathering with wine and cheese.

At level two, when cases and transmissions are low, the airline said the government would have tinsel and party hats and said the PM would host a pub quiz – alluding to allegations that Johnson hosted a virtual quiz last December which some colleagues met in person to attend.

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At level three, the virus is in circulation. To Ryanair this means “booze, snogging, (Michael) Gove in charge of refreshments”.

And at level four – the level we are at now with high transmission – we’d see “Boris topless, asking Thatcher’s portrait if she comes here often” while at five, when there is a risk of healthcare services being overwhelmed, we’d apparently see “full on rave”.

“Everyone off their tits. Jacob [presumably Rees-Mogg] crying in corner asking for nanny,” it adds.

The chart obviously refers to allegations that the government broke its own Covid restrictions last year by socialising outside of work to host a number of parties and gatherings. Johnson has insisted no rules were broken but he has also told cabinet secretary Simon Case to investigate one alleged bash which is said to have taken place on 18 December, and after footage emerged of staff planning how to deal with press questions about the “non-event”. Former spokesman for the PM Allegra Stratton later resigned for her role in the saga.

Reacting to the chart, some people thought it was brilliant.

But others thought it was pretty unprofessional – maybe as unprofessional as (apparently) hosting parties during lockdown?

And since the tweet blew up, the airline posted an update about the latest member of their legal team who will deal with any backlash...

That’s one airline firmly off Boris’ Christmas card list.

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