Manager of Salt Bae’s London restaurant defends its infamously high prices

Manager of Salt Bae’s London restaurant defends its infamously high prices

Ever since Salt Bae opened up a restaurant in Knightsbridge, London there has been only one thing that anyone can talk about.

No, it’s not the man’s extravagant way of preparing meals for customers but the alarmingly high prices. Numerous stories have emerged in the past few months where patrons have paid thousands of pounds for the meals and the lavish venue.

For instance, reality TV star Gemma Collins said she felt ‘sick’ after she paid £1,450 for the infamous 24-carat gold steak at the venue. Other eye-watering prices on the menu have included £11 for a Red Bull and £50 for a cappuccino.

Although Salt Bae, real name Nusret Gökçe, has since moved on to open up another restaurant in Saudi Arabia, the current manager of the establishment Mr Mehmed has defended the high prices.

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Speaking to My London, Mehmed, the boss of Nusr-Et Steakhouse, said that their prices are not uncommon in London and that a lot of the hysteria has been whipped up by people on social media.

He said: “Some people, they want to just talk. People have complained because they have seen bills on social media for people who’ve paid £10,000 for a bottle of wine.

“But you can find these prices all around London. The service and the quality we are providing is extremely high.

“It’s more interactive than most restaurants - we cook and prepare the food in front of you, like our traditional baklava, which is a very popular dessert.”

He also added the restaurant and the Salt Bae name is so well known around the world because of the unique experience that they offer to customers.

Mehmed is quoted as saying: “We are also successful because the brand is popular and well-known with customers around the world.

“We show hospitality, we show everyone to their table and cut the meat in front of them.”

Whether you like the sound of the experience or not or believe that a steak should cost more than £1000 it’s clearly working for some people as according to Mehmed it’s already become the most successful of all of Salt Bae’s restaurants around the globe. “So far, so good,” says Mehmed.

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